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2.5oz Sparkling Grapefruit Splash Wax Snap Bars

2.5oz Sparkling Grapefruit Splash Wax Snap Bars

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This is a vibrant scent that invigorates you. It's Perky and uplifting, while not being overpowering. This citrus scent is one of a kind. Tart and Citrus smells mingle with orange peel and a sweet musk

Fragrance Notes

Top- Orange Zest

Middle- Wood

Bottom- Musk 

Wax melts should not be used near any open flame or direct heat source, including but not limited to fireplaces, candles, or electric heaters. – Keep away from children and pets. – If accidentally ingested, seek medical attention immediately. – Do not eat or drink while handling these products.


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Care Instructions

Always Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting; for best burn, allow the candle to burn until there is an even layer of wax; this ensures that the candle will have the same burn each time.

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