Zingara Candles was born from a lifelong love of candles and support of Mental Health. My life has been changed by struggling with my own mental health and learning what works and doesn't. Aromatherapy is something I didn't really think of until my Husband, but then my Fiancé came home one day and saw that I was upset. Seeing my large collection of candles, he lit one, set it on the dresser, and sat there with me. Slowly the fragrance lifted my mood. The citrus smell filled the room and tickled my senses. 

He wanted me to do something that would lift my spirits, and as most people struggling with a mental health disorder know, keeping busy tends to work for some. So, after talking to people and listening to others, I decided why not start a business? My husband jokingly suggested candles, and after a while, I began to think, why not?

After a few days of mulling, I decided to go full speed ahead. The name Zingara is Italian, and it translates to Gypsy. It comes from the woman I was named after. Unfortunately, I was never able to meet her. She passed when she was twenty-one, but she was called Gypsy, and I'm a lot like her. 

I struggle with mental health, and I've met many others who do as well. I want to help eliminate the stigma that surrounds it. Whether it's Anxiety, Depression, or Bi-polar Disorder. It doesn't matter. Mental health should have a larger outreach. 

I try to live my life with the belief that we should always be kind, because we never know what someone else is going through. A smile can save a life.