Hi Friends!

Hi everyone. I thought I would take the time to tell you a little about Zingara Candle Co. 

Zingara Candle Co. Was started as a way to pay the out-of-pocket costs for fertility treatments. During the pandemic, my mental health took a hit, along with countless others, and as that ebbed, I searched for something to do to occupy my mind and try to get back on track. Mental health is something I'm passionate about and always have been. I struggle with Bipolar and Anxiety disorders, as do people I know and love. 

I started looking for things to do and spent money I probably should have saved, but...I digress. It wasn't t until one day my husband came home and saw the boxes of candles I had ordered. By this time, I had ordered about 20 in two months, and when he wanted to light one, I would smell them until I found a scent that made me feel better. He asked me why I didn't look into making my candles, and that flipped the switch. I began to do research, hours and hours of research. I started looking into the formulas for candles, what was required, and what I looked for when purchasing a candle. 

I had guidelines for candles when I purchased them. 

1 Scent: Scent is significant; we've all heard of aromatherapy. Out of the five senses, smell is one of the most utilized. A single scent can bring back a memory, sometimes good, sometimes bad. They can help us recall a day at the beach or pulling clean clothes off the line with our grandparents. They can make us think of Christmas, fall, or walking through the woods and smelling the air as a cool breeze blows. A simple scent can also trigger a feeling of nostalgia within us. 

2 Quality: Our candles are made of coconut soy wax, promoting a cleaner burn than regular soy and better retaining a scent. Moving forward, we also intend to produce candles with Coconut/Apricot wax, a luxury wax with a clean burn. 

3 Visually pleasing: A candle jar can catch our attention. My jars are matte black, which is very clean and straightforward. They are also reusable. Once the candle has been exhausted, they can be cleaned and repurposed! 

We have plans for the future coming up, including smaller sizes and some clear jars coming up as well. We are a small business that's trying to grow. As we grow, I hope you'll join us on our journey. 

Creating candles allowed me to handle things that were otherwise out of my control. Currently, we are online and also do vendor shows, which I'll try to keep up with putting on this blog and our Facebook page. We are also on Instagram and usually post pictures of things we're working on. We are on TikTok as well. 

I want my candles to reach people who need them, who want to relive a memory that brings them joy and makes them happy, if even for a few minutes. Mental health seems to hold this stigma that I'm trying to break. I hope you find something you love. 


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